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4 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Joe: Thanks for the Invite to your Website. We are definetly looking forward to getting to Canada
    Got your contact information Logged. Will be in Touch. We are also Both Amateur Ham radio Operatorsand looking to get on the Ham Bands with the Canadian folks. If you got to and
    in the search box type in KJ4UGE and hit search we have a small Bio and some pics of us and our Boat ALLEZ. I am a Whitholtz Fan, You have a neat boat. Safe cruising. Bob & Helen onboard ALLEZ! lying
    Marathon Fl

  2. Hey Joe, love the blog! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to hit this… great shots of the voyager.. Jen and I have been wanting to get up to balsam lake to see that for years, ever since we met Mark at the top of Healy falls years ago. We’ve never made it!! Great shot of tiger and his buddy! Thanks.

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