Gores Landing From Above

Flight over Rice Lake near Gores Landing.



From Above

A good view of our surroundings from an aerial image taken yesterday, shared from a friend – images in my previous entry were taken from the pile of dry rocks in the upper left:

Helis and Drones

For the last 20 some years I much enjoyed flying my RC helicopters. Now in the last few years, technological and micro processor advances mushroomed in the multi-rotor sector to a point where the operator’s input skills can be nullified by an intelligent machine. A modern “drone” or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) knows where it is on earth, how its attitude and what its altitude is, how to get home if contact is lost, and can be programmed to be autonomously operate away from the pilot. These new machines know how to fly themselves!
I kept saying I like to “fly” the machine myself and that I would not leave the collective pitch arena, but at the same time I was always concerned of a possible crash and personal or property damage because I don’t fly at sanctioned and insured RC club fields. I have always flown in public places and around people. I could never imagine just doing circles over a club field; where is the fun in that?
So, after some careful soul searching, I came to the conclusion that enough chances have been taken and I would only be smart if I accepted a more stable and safer platform to play on, and produce better videos with.
Voila, the DJI Phantom SC40 and here is my first video taken with this very smart and most impressive machine – I love it! What I am lacking in my older days regarding vision / depth perception / orientation at higher altitudes, the Phantom takes into its own control and I actually feel safer than I ever did with collective pitch scale-like helicopters:

Blade mQX added to the hanger

I have my first quadrocopter and initial test flights are very impressive regarding the technology for the price.
The reason RC quadrocopters are fairly new on the scene is the complex and rather heavy computing / processing power required to accurately control these 4 propellers to not only move the machine about, but to keep it stable. Only because of today’s solid state gyro and accelerometer technology, efficient and fast responding brushless motors, coupled with very sophisticated micro processors to deal with the hundreds of calculations and control commands every second, can these things fly at all.
I still have a lot of setting up to do but when all flight characteristics are to my liking and I get the hang of it, I’ll be fitting the little bugger with a video cam, as it should provide a more stable platform and less noise in public places….