A Mid Channel Walk

Home, when not on the boat:

Looking toward the west…

…and toward the east:

But, these rocks normally have about 3′ of water on them. I wonder how many times water was allowed to be this low in Big Bob Channel. This affects the whole of Pigeon Lake, including the marina where we lived aboard the boat last winter and winters before, so we know it has not been this low since 2011.….

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On Big Bob Channel

After an awesome sunset…..
the morning brings mist rising from the warmer waters, and settles on tree branches.
I never get tired of waking to this, 🙂

Landlubber Report

Now that 2 weeks have gone by living ashore, I draw the conclusions that logistically it will be more convenient.
The bars are strolling distance. We walk to shop. Wendy walks to work…

We also conclude that it will not be as much fun regarding nature and wildlife, albeit we already have a new pet living in a tree 15′ out the kitchen door. (Still learning to say “kitchen” instead of galley.)  🙂

We do miss the boat, but this isn’t too bad: the nice blue water pouring by at 3 to 4 knots out back in Big Bob Channel will never freeze and we could not ask for a more beautiful place to spend winter.
Can hardly wait until 4′ of snow is out there and icebergs are flowing past.

A great view of the channel in both direction.
That’s Gordon’s Yacht Harbour across the channel in the background, and our webcam is pointed at the Main Street Bridge.