Buckhorn From Above

Flying my drone over Buckhorn Lock 31 of the Trent Severn Waterway and Reach Harbour Marina, just outside of Buckhorn Ontario:

180915Reach4 180915Reach10 180915Reach13 180915Reach17a Lock31-15-2 (2) Lock31-15-3 Lock31-15-5 (2) Lock31-15-7 (2) Lock31-15-9 (2)


Tiki Island Radio Bar & Grill

About a year ago I found an internet radio station that perfectly filled the void of not being on an island and not being on island time. We love it here on the Great Lakes now, this part of Ontario is absolutely beautiful and we enjoy the change of seasons, snow in the winter, but the tropics are always going to be remembered as the fondest of our memories, of younger days, and to some degree will always be missed. – (as usual, we normally retain more of the upsides and quickly forget the sometimes unbearable heat, nasty passages and hurricanes…)

So, it is http://www.tikiislandradio.com. We have been listening for about 9 months now and the experience have become what feels like our extended “island family” as far as everyone goes from station owners to listeners and artists. What DJ John does really is original and while I am not an internet radio expert, it probably is pretty unique.
There are two live shows daily, after a shoeless flight to a virtual barefoot island destination, way far south of somewhere north.

A few days ago DJ John asked for us listeners to come up with some station ID submissions. I recalled the awesome accent and voice of a Jamaican lady doing one of Jimmy B’s station IDs on Radio Margaritaville.
Well, after some rum, Wendy and I decided that I could sound like some Bahama Joe and we sent a “station ID” à la Hungarian Joe, to DJ John. He actually aired it, so I posted an MP3 file of it on my Facebook page, as I kept thinking of the Ziggy Marley song John plays in this little segment. I keep correlating Ziggy’s dragonfly watching our environment going down the drain, to our recent toxic Blue-Green Algae bloom here on this beautiful lake, which I have been quite distraught over for the last four weeks. I know a lot of my Facebook friends have been reading about the algae problem that I and some other locals have been trying to put out there, so I hope they hear the message in the Ziggy tune….      (just click the play button)

Blue-Green Algae Bloom on Pigeon Lake

A month ago today, an unprecedented pollution induced algae bloom was born on Nogies Creek Bay of Pigeon Lake North. Then finally, today it would appear it is dying off.
This is a huge local environmental concern and I started a discussion about it on our Bobcaygeon Facebook page, which in turn caused our local community newspaper to take action and shed some light on the problem of our authorities hiding their heads in the sand; turns out as always, politics coupled with failing to understand how time can run out for us to make the much need corrections to the poisoning of our waters.

Here is a link to the Facebook page and a few images of what toxic Blue-Green Algae looks like: (No, that’s not blue paint spilled into the water, that is the toxic component of the bloom!)









This image was taken mid bay, 10′ below the water surface: