Ready to be Icebound and gearing up for Christmas

All done with my winterising chores, and our wind and solar installation has worked out well.

Very happy with the stove Will Dicks built for us; simply awesome.

And, the topic of a tree on the dock had come to my mind. We had a little tree up the last Christmas we spent on the boat, in 2013:
But the Tiger was still with us then. Now, we are facing a Christmas without a German Shepherd Dogchild for the first time in some 30 years…..
It took a bit to get into the mood, especially with rain coming down, but what is the season without a Christmas tree! So we cut a manageable size tree on a gracious friend’s offer to pick what we wanted on his land and today, in the rain we secured the 12′ tree on the dock.
Decorating will happen in the next few days and official lighting will be once we get snow on the ground.