Gores Landing From Above

Flight over Rice Lake near Gores Landing.



Buckhorn From Above

Flying my drone over Buckhorn Lock 31 of the Trent Severn Waterway and Reach Harbour Marina, just outside of Buckhorn Ontario:

180915Reach4 180915Reach10 180915Reach13 180915Reach17a Lock31-15-2 (2) Lock31-15-3 Lock31-15-5 (2) Lock31-15-7 (2) Lock31-15-9 (2)

Possum Lodge

On Saturday we walked out to a FB friend’s private island on Sturgeon Lake to do a little flying. I t was my first real cold weather flight and first flight while it was snowing. I built hoods over the coolant louvers on the cowling of the Phantom.
The snow was deep and the walk ended up a good exercise.BTS 1

Then we drove out to Fenelon Falls and flew a little there, but I messed up the video and this is all we got:

This is the footage around the island: