Easter Sunday 2016

An epic Sunday afternoon on the bay –
DSCF7771 DSCF7773 DSCF7786 DSCF7789DSCF7759

And, this couple with GSD on bow-watch, get the “First Boat On The Lake 2016” award:


Winter Spring

It has been an exceptionally mild winter and now it appears an early Spring had sprung, while technically it is still Winter.

The following images were taken yesterday afternoon and this morning:
DSCF7699 DSCF7700 DSCF7702 DSCF7703 DSCF7705 DSCF7707 DSCF7710

Here is comparison of this time, from the last winter we spent onboard, in 2014:

EXTREME Cold Warning


As we move into a few cold days, the wood fire burns and all is cosy inside the icebound boat.

The frozen surroundings are harsh, but peaceful and serene.

Only the television set reminds us of the even harsher world of the “normal” citizens living their mundane and structured, system dependent lives …..

DSCF7536 DSCF7528


The Arrival of Winter Wonderland

Many people ask us what it is about being up here, when most people who live on boats want to go south. To us, the change of seasons is a wonderful thing and we enjoy winter, once the snow and ice had set in.

As I look across the vast, open stretch of the bay of solid ice, I get the serene feeling not unlike when I used to look across the stretch of ocean under our boat on a calm passage.

And, this winter, being here alone on the bay, is the greatest feeling of all.
DSCF7423 DSCF7452

GoPro Surface Vehicle

Completed a camera buggy out of butchering cheap parts for an experiment – well, it is a long winter in Ontario…..
2802-16e - Copy
And then Wendy and I went out and had a lot of fun getting some videos, falling through the ice and all….


Downtown Bobcaygeon webcam

As an experiment, I placed the webcam on a tripod on the side of the street in front of the Buckeye Centre. The cam, WiFi booster, netbook computer and power pack stayed for two day and two nights, overlooking the swing bridge and Lock 32 of the Trent Severn Waterway. This is a video compilation of some of the randomly archived webcam images:

February in Bobcaygeon

Wendy and I have lived in BC, in Mexico, the Turks & Caicos, the Florida Keys, Toronto and Keswick, yet I never stop amazing myself about Bobcaygeon. To me, this little town has something more special than any other place. Maybe because I am getting older and slower, perhaps I have more time now to smell the proverbial roses.
Bobcaygeon is said to be perched upon “the land (in) between”.

A Land Between is what ecologists call an “ecotone”; a transitional area of geology and vegetation between two differing land masses.
This ecotone lies between the rocky Canadian Shield and the grassy St. Lawrence Lowlands, stretching across south-central Ontario from Georgian Bay to Kingston.
This landscape is less rugged than in the near-north, but not as flat and arable as to the south. Here, you may notice more open areas and exposed bedrock in shades of grey and pink. Looking further you will see that the landscape undulates in patterns of low to high and wet to dry. It has fewer roads than areas to the south, small dispersed communities like Bobcaygeon, scattered farm lands between woods, and a diversity of nature.
Our Land Between is home to a host of overlapping species from the north and the south, which has encouraged sharing between First Nations cultures for thousands of years. European settlers couldn’t figure out what to do with its ever-changing patchwork of rock barrens, rivers, lakes and marshlands and it wasn’t until the Victorian fascination with “wilderness” that The Land Between found a place in the collective psyche of Canadians.

So, that’s the scientific description but to me, this “land between” means that I live somewhere between the tropics and the arctic, so to speak. I enjoy the change of seasons and even winter, but I don’t like the completely frozen tundra where ice covers all the waters that are so important to me. (Neither can I handle the tropical heat like I used to anymore.) In Bobcaygeon, in between the beauty of snow and ice, there is always some open water to sooth my soul and I am fortunate to live on the side of a channel of rapids that don’t freeze over and there is plenty of places for me to see open water, year round.

It certainly helped to make the transition of going from 30 years of full time living on a boat, to a seasonally land based residence.
Here are a few images I just took on this wonderful day around Beautiful Bobcaygeon:
DSCF5253e DSCF5252 DSCF5249e
DSCF5244e DSCF5239e DSCF5237e DSCF5225 DSCF5224 DSCF5221e