EXTREME Cold Warning


As we move into a few cold days, the wood fire burns and all is cosy inside the icebound boat.

The frozen surroundings are harsh, but peaceful and serene.

Only the television set reminds us of the even harsher world of the “normal” citizens living their mundane and structured, system dependent lives …..

DSCF7536 DSCF7528



The Arrival of Winter Wonderland

Many people ask us what it is about being up here, when most people who live on boats want to go south. To us, the change of seasons is a wonderful thing and we enjoy winter, once the snow and ice had set in.

As I look across the vast, open stretch of the bay of solid ice, I get the serene feeling not unlike when I used to look across the stretch of ocean under our boat on a calm passage.

And, this winter, being here alone on the bay, is the greatest feeling of all.
DSCF7423 DSCF7452

Still No Snow 2…….

It was about a week before Christmas and all aboard the boat were wishing for snow.
But there was only fog and then a rainbow….
DSCF7267  DSCF7274DSCF7047

So, they just counted their blessings, considered how much less they were spending on shorepower, and turned the lights up on the Christmas tree…. 🙂

Ready to be Icebound and gearing up for Christmas

All done with my winterising chores, and our wind and solar installation has worked out well.

Very happy with the stove Will Dicks built for us; simply awesome.

And, the topic of a tree on the dock had come to my mind. We had a little tree up the last Christmas we spent on the boat, in 2013:
But the Tiger was still with us then. Now, we are facing a Christmas without a German Shepherd Dogchild for the first time in some 30 years…..
It took a bit to get into the mood, especially with rain coming down, but what is the season without a Christmas tree! So we cut a manageable size tree on a gracious friend’s offer to pick what we wanted on his land and today, in the rain we secured the 12′ tree on the dock.
Decorating will happen in the next few days and official lighting will be once we get snow on the ground.





Where are the critters?

This year is a hard winter. They (whoever they are…) even came up with a description for the unusual record setting temperatures across North America: “Arctic Vortex
So far it has made for some beautiful snowy wonderland photo ops, and those white tundra images of the frozen bay that some have labeled bleak, or even scary.

But, no wildlife. Last year by now we saw coyotes, wolves and deer cross the bay, and critters made daily visits to our open water to fish and hang out. This year, not even any ducks! Is it too cold perhaps?

– These images were taken last January:

100_4826 DSCF1426 DSCF1465 DSCF1513 DSCF1541 DSCF1894

Coldest so far….

We beat our record low ever on the boat this morning – 32ºC / -26ºFDSCF4799