The Arrival of Winter Wonderland

Many people ask us what it is about being up here, when most people who live on boats want to go south. To us, the change of seasons is a wonderful thing and we enjoy winter, once the snow and ice had set in.

As I look across the vast, open stretch of the bay of solid ice, I get the serene feeling not unlike when I used to look across the stretch of ocean under our boat on a calm passage.

And, this winter, being here alone on the bay, is the greatest feeling of all.
DSCF7423 DSCF7452


November Boat-Ride

The month of November in Ontario Canada is not known for boating weather.
Rather it is the time when most recreational boats are hauled out and put to rest for the winter. Exceptions are the liveaboards concentrated around Toronto – a couple of hundred boats that remain afloat as private residences, not unlike us, except that we are alone in the north country (by choice).
Where we are is near the town of Bobcaygeon on Pigeon Lake, Lock 32, part of the Trent Severn Waterway that is also a big portion of the America’s Great Loop.

This year, so far, we have been blessed with a mild and very pleasant November. So far….
We took the opportunity to go for a short cruise from our marina location to downtown Bobcaygeon, where the lock is, and these are some of the images of us being the only boat left on the lake, taking advantage of a perfect autumn day.
DSCF6967 DSCF6970 DSCF6971 DSCF7018

Arriving at the lock in the busy summer season means chances are there’d be no room for us, but not so when we have the whole lake to ourselves.
DSCF6980 DSCF7005

Ladies of the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society ensure our town is always pretty – this image is from the swing bridge that crosses the Trent canal at the lock:

We found the lock under repair; new gates are being installed.
DSCF6985 DSCF6986

These snowbirds have missed the last boat south:

A few more images heading back “home” to the marina:
DSCF7008 DSCF7014DSCF7035 DSCF7033

As a pleasant surprise, our friend Andrea McClure was in her backyard and took this image, which is great, since we never get a chance to see what our boat looks like from ashore:


Room At The Inn… or not…

We thought, since the weather was not shaping up the best for today, we may get a spot for the weekend at Lock 32 (Trent Severn Waterway) downtown Bobcaygeon, but it looks pretty busy – our webcam is live 24/7, overlooking the area we like to tie up at the lock.
CruisingDog Cam 1

Latest Briefing

1)- Have been very busy to do much here on my blog. Facebook seems to be the handiest at times for a quick post.

2)- Did a lot of painting and fairing on the boat and we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3)- I was asked to help out with planning of a webcam for the Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce. “Helping out” turned out being asked if I would rent out my own equipment since they did not make the 2015 budget for the webcam. So as a nice gesture (and free) I decided to go ahead and place a cam and a computer at the Boyd Museum office where the Chamber is located.
They were not ready for anything; had to put a cam in the window inside, trim a bunch of trees and we still don’t have a decent view of the canal and docks.
The Chamber’s plan is to purchase a good outdoor IP cam with my help and I volunteered for the installation. In the mean time, my camera and my computer are living at the Chamber office, I built a page on my own website for the Chamber’s cam and we are using my own server. A lot of plans and promises have been voiced but so far even the newly constructed website of the Chamber is lacking in intelligence and usefulness. So, I have tried to give advise and point out what is not right to one of the Directors, pretty much the only person I actually know at the Chamber (and, even that is only from facebook) but I have had no response, I am being ignored and don’t really know what to think of the whole thing………….

In the mean time, I am still running a cam onboard the boat, so now there are 2 URLs for my webcams; Cam 1 at Lock 32 / Cam 2 onboard the boat. The links to the cams: