From Above

A good view of our surroundings from an aerial image taken yesterday, shared from a friend – images in my previous entry were taken from the pile of dry rocks in the upper left:


Low Tide in Bobcaygeon

I am so glad I was home today. I got to take pictures of an event that is not likely to be ever photographed again (under normal circumstances).
I looked out my kitchen window and all of the water was gone in the channel we live on.
I took pictures, posted on Facebook and all that. Then, suddenly with a furious roar that I could not believe, the water was pouring back in and rising, ducks and geese speeding past on a current that was doing at least 10 Knots! Videos do no justice so I didn’t even bother…..

Being on the Trent Severn Waterway, we are essentially on a canal that is in portions man-made and is totally under control. Some of the canal sections, sometimes are drained in between locks in order to do maintenance.
Bobcaygeon is located at Lock 32 of the Trent system, but on a large body of natural water, Pigeon Lake. The channels in Bobcaygeon are never normally drained, but it happened today! By chance or by accident, or it was intended in order to fix something at the upstream dam, so far nobody knows.
I was told one instance when the wrong switch was turned at the dam, and the same canal was drained in midsummer while full of boats. Allegedly, damage was caused to boats at that time.

Here are some pictures of what normal waters in Big Bob Channel look like and during the couple of hours while water was drained out.

And then, all the water drained out:
DSCF5278 DSCF5264 DSCF5259 DSCF5257

Soon with a fury, the water was rushing back in: