Kawartha WebCams

My friends have a cam at Reach Harbour Marina overlooking Deer Bay Reach on Buckhorn Lake:

Right now our webcam is located on Big Bob Channel in our backyard, and then it will be moved to the marina in the spring, on Nogies Creek Bay on Pigeon Lake:

The above images were both archived this morning.
Last year we stayed on the boat in the winter – here is an archived webcam image from 2014:


On this day last year

We miss being on the boat, even though living in town makes more sense now and the water is only a few steps out in our back yard, Big Bob Channel and the rapids that never freeze.
We miss the intimate connection with nature. We liked it on the boat, even in winter.
On the boat you could hear and feel the wind howl across the bay, we could hear the pressure cracks form in the frozen lake. In the apartment we are so cut off from all that, and feel disconnected from the raw nature we were surrounded with for 30 years full time on the boat….

At the marina

Stopped at the marina to check on the boats and found a lot of wildlife activity from last night; a family of river otters live just a little way to the north on the east side of the bay. They were obviously fishing in the open water around the boat and playing on the ice.
They are about as big as a medium size dog. We used to enjoy watching them last winter when we lived on the boat. All we can hope for now, is that they’ll get in the way of our webcam and we’ll see them at our apartment on the computer…..
They left their tracks all over on the fresh snow on the ice:
Winter is here now. The forecast calls for colder temps and maybe snow coming.
The bay sure froze up nice and flat, smooth, but not good enough yet to go on it:
DSCF5052 DSCF5051

Last day of autumn 2014

I set up a webcam yesterday on the aftdeck of the EncorE, and now we don’t have to be at the marina to see the bay ice over – here is a Saturday afternoon archived image: