EXTREME Cold Warning


As we move into a few cold days, the wood fire burns and all is cosy inside the icebound boat.

The frozen surroundings are harsh, but peaceful and serene.

Only the television set reminds us of the even harsher world of the “normal” citizens living their mundane and structured, system dependent lives …..

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The Arrival of Winter Wonderland

Many people ask us what it is about being up here, when most people who live on boats want to go south. To us, the change of seasons is a wonderful thing and we enjoy winter, once the snow and ice had set in.

As I look across the vast, open stretch of the bay of solid ice, I get the serene feeling not unlike when I used to look across the stretch of ocean under our boat on a calm passage.

And, this winter, being here alone on the bay, is the greatest feeling of all.
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Tinkering indoors

As another Canadian winter nears, I go into this nice, indoors tinkering mode.
This time the experiment is what I’ve often imagined as sharing a visual account of nature that we are blessed with around us; living on a boat.

It also means learning new tricks on Facebook… https://www.facebook.com/cruisingdogtv
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Beautiful Horses

DSCF3005Today I stopped at a roadside veggie stand I frequent, run by an Amish-Mennonite Family and after given permission, I photographed this young man, doing what I think is “tilling” the land. He executed a full 180 where I caught him, working the machinery’s levers and instructing the horses with fluidity. His horses were beautiful, obviously very well cared for, and they marvelously responded to his gently spoken commands.
In a way, I think this is just so cool.


They make things like handmade furniture and garden sheds. Just as I was pulling out the drive, a shed was heading out for delivery:


Roadtrip to Lake Simcoe

Jackson’s Point Harbour on Lake Simcoe is one of our favorite summer cruising destinations, so we did a roadtrip there this weekend. The small village of Jackson’s Point is the hub of some of the best ice-fishing in Ontario and is home to the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship, this year’s being the 19th annual.


Aside from private trucks and ATVs, these tracked “buses” shuffle fisherman far out on the ice to the fishing grounds. Most of the huts, hundreds of them, are privately owned but a lot are commercially rented by the day, night or on a several day basis.

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny, near-spring day, which unfortunately made for less than perfect photography as the entire lake and surrounding shoreline was shrouded in thick fog, produced by the sun’s heat over the cold lake ice. Erie if nothing else, as groups of fishermen on foot and the odd motorized vehicle emerged from the blanket of white.IMG21IMG22

This is the Georgina Island First Nation’s ferry boat laid up for the winter: