At the marina

Stopped at the marina to check on the boats and found a lot of wildlife activity from last night; a family of river otters live just a little way to the north on the east side of the bay. They were obviously fishing in the open water around the boat and playing on the ice.
They are about as big as a medium size dog. We used to enjoy watching them last winter when we lived on the boat. All we can hope for now, is that they’ll get in the way of our webcam and we’ll see them at our apartment on the computer…..
They left their tracks all over on the fresh snow on the ice:
Winter is here now. The forecast calls for colder temps and maybe snow coming.
The bay sure froze up nice and flat, smooth, but not good enough yet to go on it:
DSCF5052 DSCF5051


Night Scene

Difficult to capture the serene beauty of this landscape of a frozen bay, which at night looks even more demanding of respect…..