Possum Lodge

On Saturday we walked out to a FB friend’s private island on Sturgeon Lake to do a little flying. I t was my first real cold weather flight and first flight while it was snowing. I built hoods over the coolant louvers on the cowling of the Phantom.
The snow was deep and the walk ended up a good exercise.BTS 1

Then we drove out to Fenelon Falls and flew a little there, but I messed up the video and this is all we got:

This is the footage around the island:



Living On An Island

Last day of the first year we became seasonal boaters, after 30 years full time on the boat.
No longer “liveaboard” boaters but we still live surrounded by water, on one of the three islands that make up beautiful Bobcaygeon Ontario.
And, we’ll be back on the boat come summertime. 🙂
island home  DSCF1

Summer update and comparison

Has been a wonderful summer without too many too hot nights, so the air conditioning / hydro bill is getting some nice breaks. Good sleeping weather.
I did a 6 month reminder in the same location today, just up the road. I consider both seasons beautiful, in the right location, and we certainly are blessed to be there:DSCF3197

New Year’s Day

I made this little New Year’s video message for our new CruisingDog TV channel (http://www.marinesupportonline.com/CD-TVsplash.htm), pointing out the adventure aspect of being icebound on the Trent Severn Waterway – a cold but beautiful place:



Tinkering indoors

As another Canadian winter nears, I go into this nice, indoors tinkering mode.
This time the experiment is what I’ve often imagined as sharing a visual account of nature that we are blessed with around us; living on a boat.

It also means learning new tricks on Facebook… https://www.facebook.com/cruisingdogtv
CD-TV logo1e2